Please help!!!!I&#039;m writting ASP pages that allow users to do a Search on our Web site using Index Server.<BR>Since Production Web Svr is shared among different groups - they&#039;re afraid that turning on Index Svr will cause performance prob. So Index Server is on a different svr, NOT on the Web svr.<BR>To access such INdex Svr, I wrote a small DLL that has the following code:<BR> Set GetIndexSvrObj = CreateObject("ixsso.Query", "\AppSrv")<BR>where "AppSvr" is the Svr name that has Index Svr running<BR> After register DLL on Web svr, running Search pages gives error "ActiveX cannot create object" right at the above code.<BR>My question: Why it doesn&#039;t work this way? Is it possibe or impossible to access Index Svr remotely? Does the prob cause by security issues?<BR>Note that, the Search pages that call this DLL work OK when the pages and Index Svr are all on the same server.<BR>