Hi,<BR> here is one of the thing I am try to do, anyone help on this is appreciated.<BR><BR>From my ASP Page I Pass a parameter (PhoneNo) to one of the function of my COM Component.<BR><BR>From this Component I need to Call a Java Class, which in turn Call a Java Servlet which is on different Site and gets the Result from the Servlet into Java Class.<BR><BR>Now I need to Get this Result from Java Class to Com Component then to my ASP PAge.<BR><BR>So for this, I have to just normally Convert the java Class to Com using Javareg Utility with Micrsoft VM installed on my Web Server.<BR><BR>Or I have to Go For Java Bridges, I don&#039;t much about Bridges.<BR>It will be great if get any sample Examples on this.<BR><BR>So my Questions is What Method and then What Steps in that Method I need to Do.