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    Hi there! Can anyone help me. I amtrying to write a script that access a server to upload files. I know you can use component etc, however I want to write the Script using Windows Scripting Host (WSH). First I need to connect to the ftp server, then pass my username and password, check if a directory exist (say testdir, if it does delete it and create a new dir with same name. Then upload some files. Ok! Ok, I have read most of the articles about doing this using components (3-rd party) but I also know that you can accomplish this task using WinInet.dll which comes with IE. Basically I need to be able to do the above mention using WinInet.dll within ASP.<BR>HELP Please!<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for yout answer(s)!<BR><BR>:-)

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    To date I have not seen it done. Sounds like you are on the right path. Use FSO to do it though.

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