I have a small script that accesses a text file in the format:<BR><BR>DAY&#124FORECAST&#124ICON<BR>Today& #124Sunny&#124 13<BR><BR>The ASP seems to get access to the database ok, but when it prints out the data it makes two passes instead of one, i.e... I am not sure if the pipe is being a problem or if it is the DSN file.<BR><BR>DAY Today<BR>DAY ::blank::<BR>FORECAST Sunny<BR>FORECAST ::blank::<BR><BR>Here is the gist of the code:<BR>sDSNFile = "gyy5day.txt.dsn"<BR>sDSN="FileDSN=C:InetPubwwwroo t he5day.txt.dsn;DefaultDir=C:Inetpubwwwroot;DBQ=C:I netpubwwwroot;"<BR>Set Conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>Conn.Op en sDSN<BR>sql = "SELECT * FROM the5day.txt"<BR>set rs = conn.execute(sql)<BR>Do While Not rs.EOF<BR> forecast(index) = rs("FORECAST")<BR> Day(index) = rs("DAY")<BR> Icon(index) = rs("ICON")<BR> index=index+1<BR> rs.MoveNext<BR>Loop<BR><BR>I left variable declarations, dimensioning, etc out...<BR><BR>Any ideas??<BR>