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    Hey guys, hope you all are having a good day. I was wondering if you knew of a script or IIS program that could use the log file on IIS NT to see where visitors are heading once they are at your site. So basically once in my site, I&#039;d like to know the links that they are hitting to move around and out of the site. Anybody use a specific script or application? <BR><BR>---Thanks in advance for your reply!<BR>

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    Most web traffic reporting software does this for you. WebTrends, SurfStats, etc...

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    You probably will want to look into the Microsoft IIS Log checker component included with IIS 5. Which allows you to read the log file.<BR>You could then put this in a DB and perfrom queries on it - alternatively set IIS to log to an ODBC source i.e. a database - this will be easier to query than a file.

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