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    hi, we are trying to save an xml text file from a recordset using this code:<BR>------------------------------------------<BR>Set rsPerson = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR>rsPerson .Open "Person", db<BR><BR>Dim SourceFile, strSource<BR>SourceFile = "textfiles/text007.xml"<BR>strSource = Server.MapPath(SourceFile)<BR><BR>rsPerson.Save strSource, adPersistXML<BR><BR>rsPerson.Close<BR>------------------------------------------<BR>We get a text file but it looks like a mess, rather than an XML document. The contents of the recordset turn up but XML formatting doesn&#039;t. Any ideas what the problem is?<BR><BR>thanks.

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    You could check your MDAC version.<BR><BR>Saving a recordset in XML is only supported in the later versions of MDAC.

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