Sorry I wasn&#039;t sure where was best to post this! I know its not strictly an ASP question....<BR><BR>Is anyone working on an intranet to publish Word templates? Maybe you have come across this problem?<BR><BR>On our intranet site we have many links to Word documents. However, we have discovered that links to templates (DOT files) end up in Word opening the template itself as opposed to creating a new document based on the template, which is the desired effect (i.e. like doing File/New and selecting a template in Word itself)<BR><BR>Therefore I&#039;ve being trying to script (VBScript) the links client side to get this to work.<BR>I&#039;ve figured this much out so far in testing using PWS but the script has to be on a HTML page in the same directory as the DOT file, otherwise an error message "cannot find document template" is returned.<BR><BR> Dim objWord <BR> Sub OpenDoc(strLocation) <BR> Set objWord = CreateObject("Word.Application") <BR> objWord.Visible = true <BR> objWord.Documents.Add strLocation, false <BR> End Sub<BR><BR>so setting strLocation to "dir/" does not work, but having the HTML page that contains the script in the location "dir" and then setting strLocation to "" does work!<BR><BR>So I thought I was going to cleverly script around this and get it to work, but on the web server it does not work at all and always responds with "cannot find document template"<BR><BR>Anyone got any ideas?<BR>