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    Espen ( Guest

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    When I do a Recordeset.RecordCount I only get the value -1. Why does this happen ?<BR><BR><BR>Thnx<BR><BR>Espen

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    Only certain recordset cursors support the .RecordCount property. The ForwardOnly database cursor, which is the default database cursor, DOES NOT support this property, and hence returns a -1.<BR><BR>What you can do:<BR>* Use the correct database cursor (either an OpenStatic, OpenDynamic, or OpenKeyset): see this article for more information (<BR><BR>* Use a SELECT COUNT(*) FROM TableName<BR><BR>There are ways you SHOULDN&#039T determine the # of records. For more information on how NOT to count the records in a recordset, check out:<BR><BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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    Espen ( Guest

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    So, acording to, the proper cursortype would be 3 then ? Like: Recordset.CursorType = 3<BR><BR><BR>Espen

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