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    Hi<BR>How do I create a SQL-DB?<BR>My ISP supports SQL databases, but I don&#039;t really know how to create one... I have got Access and have only used that so far, but I would really like to convert to SQL...<BR><BR>I got SQL-server developer edition when I bought Visual C++ Enterprise Edition, what can I do with that?<BR><BR>Please help me!<BR><BR>Sebastian

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    Default You mean SQL Server, of course

    No such product as SQL-DB.<BR><BR>But anyway...<BR><BR>It&#039;s not *that* different to create a SQL Server DB than it is to create an Access DB. Use the desktop tools, for example, to create the DB. Then you can create tables either interactively or using SQL statements, same as with Access.<BR><BR>

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