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    It is my understanding that I cannot open up a TARGET=_NEW window to provide another form for data to be filled in by the user and then to take the results back to the original page. The reason being because when a TARGET=_NEW window is created, it creates a new session, and values entered into an object on the form from that TARGET=_NEW window cannot be passed to another session form.<BR><BR>Thus, my question is may I use a javascript function and provide any objects in that page, and use the results from a form on that page to pass back to the page which created it? Is that an impossible task, or is there some way to pass values from a javascript popup window to the form which created it? This is all for purposes of conserving valuable real estate on the page without cluttering it up. <BR><BR>Any advice?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    It doesn&#039;t matter *what* opens the window, whether the new window appears in the same session or another depends *entirely* on the browser you are using and what it does. Some browsers *always* put each window into a new session. Some browsers never do.<BR><BR>Further, you make the assumption that the only place to put data from a form that can be seen by another window&#039;s page processing is into Session values. Why?<BR><BR>Why can&#039;t you simply write the data that the user submits to the form right back into variables (or hidden form fields!) in the original window? Thus keeping all the data together, no matter what the browser is doing?<BR><BR>

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