&nbsp;<BR>I get this error "Microsoft Word (0x800A175D) Could not open macro storage" trying to open MS Word on a browser. The ASP code uses Normal.dot on the IIS server (Win2K server). <BR><BR>I know it has something to do with security. I have also tried logging on as IUSR_MYSERVERNAME and then running MS Word, but the error persists.<BR><BR><BR>&#039;*** Code that creates the file from a Word object in the server<BR> Set ObjWord = server.CreateObject("Word.Application")<BR> Set ObjWordDoc = objWord.Documents.Add<BR> ObjWordDoc.SaveAs FolderContent & session("name") & ".doc",0,false,strPassword<BR> ObjWord.Quit<BR> set ObjWordDoc = Nothing<BR> set ObjWord = Nothing<BR>