I have an ASP page that takes a list of addresses for meeting attendees from a database and sends them an email notification via CDONTS that they have been scheduled for an event. My code works on my IIS 4 development server, but when we try to run it on the IIS 5 live server it would hang sometimes. Through troubleshooting I&#039;ve determined that the live server will send mail to up to 8 addresses, but if there are 9 or more the page simply does not execute at all. The user sees their browser churning and eventually it times out. Has anyone seen this behavior?<BR><BR>The development server runs NT 4, SP 6 and IIS 4.<BR><BR>The live server is Win2K, SP 2 and IIS 5.<BR><BR>(I know, duh. I didn&#039;t set it up that way)<BR><BR>Thanks