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    Patrick Tully Guest

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    Is there a way to put an image as a background image for a column in a table. For example, can you set some flag in the <td> tag to say <td background="image.gif">?

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    just put the "background="image.gif" in the &#060;TABLE tag, before any &#060;TR&#062;&#039s.<BR><BR>best,<BR>d

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    Amy Friends Guest

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    That will set the background for the entire table. If you want the image just for a single column, I&#039ve been successful with these two methods:<BR><BR>1 - setting the background of the single cell and also setting that cell to span the appropriate number of rows (no image chopping necessary), or<BR><BR>2 - chopping up the image to fit into each of the individual cells (if you must have cells that are x-rows tall) and setting each partial image as the background for the corresponding cells. If you do this, you should have border, cellpadding and cellspacing set to zero or the edges won&#039t line up.<BR><BR>Amy

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