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    Hi there,<BR><BR>How can I instruct a SELECT statement to make a distinction between upper and lower-cases in a column field values (SQL 2000).<BR>example: I want to retrieve values from a row where the key column contains Chair and not CHAIR. Is it posible?<BR><BR>Regards<BR><BR>ASP Surfer <BR>

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    I have no idea, but have you tried UCASE? I don&#039;t know if that will work in a select statement.<BR><BR>select * where item = UCASE(value)<BR><BR>obviously not the correct syntax, but...

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    Default I think you missed the point ...

    He wants to do a case SENSITIVE match, not a case INsensitive one.<BR><BR>I think that there is a setting in SQL server that would make this a default, but it has been too long since I last played with SQL server for me to be sure.<BR><BR>===The weed is good !===

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