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    I am using ASPupload but would like to have users enter a password before it will accept an uploaded file.<BR>In the documentation it has the setup for password protecting downloads but not uploads.<BR>I don&#039;t really know anything about databases so a way to do this without useing them would be my preferred route.<BR>Is the best way a javascript popup window on the page when it first loads?<BR><BR>Dave

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    If you don&#039;t want to use a database, what are you going to use to check that the password entered is valid?<BR><BR>Or do you mean that all users will use the same password? Not very secure, but it might be enough for you.<BR><BR>What I would do is to create a login page which prompts for the password. Once that has been verified as correct, set a Session variable (e.g. Session("LoggedIn") = True).<BR><BR>Now when the user goes to the upload page, simply test to see if Session("LoggedIn") = True, and if it isn&#039;t, redirect them back to the login page.

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