In your SAMS book on learning ASP in 21 days, you suggest using lookup tables as one element of good database design. You explain how you go about setting up the options in a select list for the users. But what if you want to go back and display that information back to them? In other words, now the value in the table is "1" or "15" or something, which doesn't make sense to anybody but the database (SQL 7.0 Desktop in this case). How do you take the number and feed it back through the look up table to generate English again? I thought a simple query would work, but then you'd have to enter an ASP variable into a SQL query string (i.e. SELECT DeptName FROM Departments WHERE DeptID = objRS("Dept"))... and that won't work. I looked for the answer on this site and others, but so far, no luck. Thanks.