Hi!<BR>Hopefully somebody can help me with my problem that just drives me nuts! I&#039;ve got a simple form that saves various-length text messages to the Access database. The problem is that some users accessing the database from their Mac computers reported that some parts of their messages never make it to the database. Sometimes it&#039;s just a couple of words at the end of the message, sometimes it&#039;s 2/3 of the message or more. Sometimes it saves everything fine even if it is a really long message. I wasn&#039;t able to replicate the same problem on my Windows box (it saves pages and pages without any problem) and I really have no idea where to look for an answer.<BR>The thing that drives me crazy is that you never know when it might happen. I do some minor changes once in a while trying to resolve this and sometimes it works fine for weeks. Then when I just start thinking we&#039;re finally OK i&#039;ve got an e-mail from one of the users saying hey half of my message is not there.. <BR>Has it something to do with how browsers work under Mac OS? Please help! <BR><BR>Thanks.<BR>