Im not sure if there is any way around this issue, but here goes nothing:<BR><BR>My company for some ungodly reason decided that they couldnt afford SQL Server and have chosen to build a shopping cart application using Access.<BR><BR>I&#039;ll wait til you stop laughing before I continue.<BR><BR>Ok, now that youre done, I&#039;m facing a locking issue whenever 2 users try to update the same table at the same time. The lock occurs when a loop I start inserts records into the table. I&#039;m using ASP, and have set my cursor and lock type to adOpenDynamic and adLockPessimistic, respectively. I have ensured that page level locking is not occurring in Access&#039; settings, yet I still get the error.<BR><BR>Any ideas short of doing the impossible at this point, which is getting a real database?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>BronxBomber