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    Default Hey Bill I need your Opinion

    Being a very well established ASP programmer, do you think it is a good idea to get your MCP certification.<BR><BR>I was thinking about getting the workstation and the server<BR><BR>and one more thing<BR><BR>would you do it for windows 2000 or XP

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    Default Okay...you're too tall

    Oh...not that kind of opinion, huh?<BR><BR>[Just think what I *could* have said!]<BR><BR>Sorry, no opinion on this. I&#039;ve never gone after a certification in my life and not liable to start now. I&#039;ve seen too many people who can answer all the certificate questions and can&#039;t code their way out of a paper bag. For example, knowing every function available in VBScript doesn&#039;t tell you when to use which one. And if you don&#039;t know when, you aren&#039;t a "real" programmer in my book. Which also tells you how much I value the certificates.<BR><BR>But employers sometimes feel differently. &#060;shrug&#062;It&#039;s your money and your life.&#060;/shrug&#062;<BR><BR>

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    Default Could be a waste of time

    i got an MCSD cause i was told it woudl help in "selling" me but on one asked me about the test and stuff....maybe they just say i was certified and then that is all they cared about but as far as i know it did not make a difference in the number of jobs i could have got.<BR><BR>But yeah i agree with Bill. There are poeple i know who were MCSDs (they supposedly reported to me) but know very little to nothing much. And they were certified BEFORE me.

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