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    Andre Natal Guest

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    anybody knows if there is any bug with global.asa running in win98 and pws?<BR>it seems that global.asa is "cached", because, when i save the file, and restart the server, any changes happen.<BR>It looks like the Session_OnStart, Session_OnEnd, and application events just work one time.<BR>Anybody knows?

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    Ed Guest

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    It has been my experience with PWS and Global.asa, that a full reboot was needed to have any changes made in Global.asa to be in effect. Thankfully, this is not the case with IIS...

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    Andre Natal Guest

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    &nbsp;<BR> Another thing that I can see, is the Session_OnEnd just start when the session expire, and not when i close the browser.<BR> Is PWS too?

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