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    I&#039;ve created a rather extensive site. (800+ dynamic pages.) When I began creating the site I was a novice at best at ASP. I&#039;m still not an expert, but I&#039;ve gotten alot better. I&#039;m beginning to go back and do some optimizations on my code now.<BR><BR>One thing I&#039;m trying to do is put SQL statements into stored procedures. Should I do this with all frequently used statements? For instance I have a page that reloads every three minutes. The only SQL statement on the page is a simple select statement? Should I still encapsulate it in a stored procedure?<BR><BR>Can anyone give me some direction? Thanks!

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    You should do this with ALL your embedded SQL statements. Stored procedures are better then embedding your SQL in ASP, there is no question.

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    Default performance and organization benefits

    Pure performance benefits are not the only reason to move toward using stored procedures exclusively. In fact you may run many sql statements that perform adequately fast outside of a stored procedure. <BR><BR>You should also consider the organization benefits of having all your sql statements in one place. I won&#039;t try and list them all out but there are some real benefits.

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