I&#039;m up against a bit of a dilemma here, and need some advice.<BR><BR>Currently, I have a C++ executable that takes care of some processing -- this is being developed for a Linux system, but now needs to cross breed on to an NT platform also (all C libs are using the standard libs, so it&#039;s working -- for now).<BR><BR>Problem is, I want to merge ASP with this executable -- which I know isn&#039;t really a good idea to use an out-of-process application. So, since CGI seems to be a PITA with having to manually output browser code/html to the browser, is there a way I can merge ASP to play nice with CGI programs? I.E., can I &#039;call&#039; an ASP page an EXECUTE it with a cgi program? These sites are going to have to use a mixture of PHP, ASP, and CGI.<BR><BR>I hear what you&#039;re asking... "Why not just make it a dll then?" The answer is that I want to keep both programs on both operating systems equal. Easier for me to maintain and add functionality as the need arises.<BR><BR>Also, is there any advantage (esp in the ASP side) to have this executable being a daemon (an .exe that runs constantly) or an .exe that lives and dies with the page?<BR><BR>Potential users are expected to be heavy at times.<BR><BR>Any suggestions?