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    Default "Please wait" gif

    Though this was not too tricky but was unsuccessful on main board: My page submits a form to itself and then takes a long time to reload with the data requested by the user. While loading I want to have a gif which then disappears once loaded.<BR>Can anyone help with this?

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    Default RE: Please Wait (no ASP required)

    I did it with javascript, DHTML and layers. The layer has a sandtimer animated gif that is hidden when the form first loads.<BR><BR>The form has an onsubmit event that makes the sand timer layer visible at submission time.

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    Default I'm too lazy...can yo provide the script?

    I had the same problem some time ago and I am not confortable with Javascript. For future use, I&#039;d like to have s script<BR>Could you provide?<BR><BR>eric@blanpain.org

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