greetings,<BR><BR>I&#039;m trying to pull all records from a SQL table based on a bit field that is set to either true or false. False registers correctly. I can query records that have a value of false and I can select all records which include the true. But when I attempt to list only the true values-- non-zero, I get no records. I don&#039;t get an error and I don&#039;t get .eof which would send it to another page. I just get an empty recordset surrounded by the header, footer and page title.<BR><BR>When I use SQL in Access with the same string it pulls up the correct records, so I&#039;m thinking it&#039;s something to do with the ASP version.<BR><BR>Here is the SQL string that ASP builds and that works in Access:<BR><BR>SELECT Div1.[V01000] AS Comment, Div1.[R01000] AS Score, Div1.[V01000Notes] AS Notes, Div1.[V01000Res] AS Status, Div1.[StoreID], Store_Info_93061.[Phone number], PeriodID, DateTime, DC_Id FROM Store_Info_93061<BR><BR>Has anyone used a bit field such as this to SELECT data? Above the (V01000Res) AS Status field is the bit field.