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    I use FormatDATETIME(date,2) and time()<BR>I get 1/3/00 instead of 1/3/2000 ?<BR>and with time I get the correct time, but when I try and insert into database I get 1/3/1900 11:30:am all I want is 11:30am<BR>?<BR>help<BR>

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    Check out the date settings by double clicking the Regional settings icon which is in the control panel.It should be in the four digit format i.e dd/mm/yyyy.Try this out and reply if u could get it right.

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    i dont have access to the server or sql server, should I write the admin?

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    The date/time displayed by IIS is formatted according to the regional settings for the currently logged-on user or the system default (or is it the Administrator?) if no one&#039s logged on. Try either resetting the system default date/time format or create your own date/time formatting function (which is what I&#039ve ended up doing on all my apps).

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