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Thread: asp using a microsoft db...problems with .ldb file

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    Default asp using a microsoft db...problems with .ldb file

    I have several ASP pages that connect to an<BR>Access 97 database. I&#039;ve found that if,for whatever reason, my database crashes, the .ldb file will still show me as being logged on, even though I&#039;m not. I&#039;ve tried to delete the .ldb file, and I couldn&#039;t. I&#039;ve gone into the server resources, and deleted all instances of someone using the database,<BR>and the .ldb still wouldn&#039;t let me delete it. The only thing I&#039;ve found that works is rebooting the machine. But since this file is on a server that is being used by up to 100 people at one time, rebooting the server isn&#039;t always the best thing to do. To further complicate issues, if after the database crashed, and there remains an entry in the .ldb file, and someone tries to access one of the ASP pages, it causes a reaction that eventually shuts down all web serving for the entire server. This, as<BR>you can see, is extremely bad, and needs to be fixed.<BR><BR>At first glance, I think it&#039;d be nice to have some way of being able to clear an .ldb file without rebooting (just<BR>deleting it is NOT an option, it doesn&#039;t work). Are there any programs out there that will let you clear the file? I&#039;ve found some .ldb file programs types on Microsoft&#039;s web page, but I haven&#039;t found one that allows me to clear an .ldb file.<BR><BR>I develop on a production server, not the one that is having problems.<BR><BR>The server may have 100 people on it, not the<BR>database. The database generally doesn&#039;t have more than three users at one time, and that many is pretty rare.<BR><BR>I decided to try the webpages out on a different server. I made copies of everything: the database and all related<BR>webpages. I made new odbc connections to the database, and<BR>re-established the links in UltraDev. All of a sudden, the webpages worked fine. When accessed through a web browser, no .ldb file was created.<BR><BR>I figured this might have something to do with the fact that I made new links to the database, so I refreshed the links<BR>on the first server. This produced some strange results. The home asp webpage would load up. This page has two recordsets to the database, one of the recordsets produces a list of links. When I clicked on one of the links, the web browser would hang on trying to load. Also, this time when I clicked the link, an .ldb file was created that had 17 connections to the database, all from the server. There are about 17 recordsets on the asp page that is trying to load up, so I think that&#039;s where that number comes from. But the page will not load. As of<BR>this writing, it has been trying to load for something on the order of a half hour. No error message has been returned to the browser, it&#039;s just sitting there trying to load.<BR><BR>Unfortunately, it&#039;s not an option to leave the asp pages on the server where they work. Even if it was, I&#039;d still<BR>like to know what&#039;s causing this problem. What really gets to me is that the files that work on one server are identical to the files that don&#039;t work on the other server, everything is the same. This leads me to believe that there might be problems with IIS on one of the servers, but I&#039;m not sure how to test that theory.<BR><BR>Has anyone here heard of any problems with any versions of ASP? I just checked, and the server that has the webpages that doesn&#039;t work has a newer version of ASP than the server that has the webpages that do work. <BR><BR>Any ideas? I&#039;d really like to figure this one out.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Dana<BR><BR>

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    Default RE: asp using a microsoft db...problems with .ldb

    Make sure you close the recordsets and connections

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