I am an Oracle programmer who needs to use SQL Server 2000. I am essentially trying to update a table with a constant and I am getting an error that says it cannot find a field. What am I doing wrong -- my code is below. The error message prompted back to me says that it cannot find the field and I know it exists.<BR><BR><BR>if exists (select * from sysobjects where id = object_id(&#039;dbo.Test&#039;) and sysstat & 0xf = 4)<BR> drop Table dbo.Test <BR>go<BR><BR>Drop Table Test <BR> Select * into Test From InvSumm2 <BR><BR>Begin Tran<BR>Alter Table Test <BR> Add <BR> RV1InvCapUnr real null,<BR> RV2InvCapUnr real null,<BR> RV3InvCapUnr real null,<BR> RV4InvCapUnr real null,<BR> RV1UnrGain real null,<BR> RV2UnrGain real null,<BR> RV3UnrGain real null,<BR> RV4UnrGain real null<BR>Select * from Test <BR><BR>update test <BR> set RV1UnrGain = 10<BR><BR>Commit Tran<BR><BR>update test <BR> set RV1UnrGain = 10<BR><BR><BR>