I am using the built in NT authentication for my Intranet and it is working fine. I am trying to develop an "electronic signature" type situation that uses the users NT logon as a verification of who the user is. My problem is that to make this a true verification(as much as possible) I would like to force the NT authentication box to pop up so the I can make the user re-authenticate. <BR><BR>My reason for this is that there is a small chance that a user did not get out of the Intranet the last time they used the app. and then someone else may come along and try to pass themselves off as the original user. <BR><BR>I plan to use this type of thing for both electronic signatures and for voting verification. <BR><BR>I found that putting in: <BR><BR>Response.Buffer = TRUE <BR><BR>Response.Status = ("401 Unauthorized") <BR><BR>Response.end <BR><BR>Produces the effect I want....but for some reason it makes me log in 3 times. Any thoughts? <BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR><BR>Mike Stiefel<BR><BR>P.S. Quick Background:<BR> O.S. Windows 2000 Server<BR> IIS 5 Services<BR> Using NT Domain not ADS<BR>