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    OK, i have been developing on a particular server for the entire summer. My company most recently moved over to another server. But now i am frozen. The pages come up in the directory, but any changes i try to make do not show up in the pages. <BR><BR>First thing i noticed when i made the move was that all my files were read only, so i changed them back to archive. But why can&#039;t i see the changes made. <BR><BR>Simple things like redirecting pages to different pages is not working, that is how i know something is not catching.

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    You&#039;re frozen? <BR><BR>First thing to do is some jumping jacks. That should warm you up.<BR><BR>Second can you see the IIS configuration for your website? It might not be pointing where you think it&#039;s pointing. Add a new page to where you think its pointing and try to view it through the browser. 404?

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