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    Default Complex Access Query to be used in VBscript

    The following is my Access query how do I set it up to work in ASP using VBscript. <BR><BR>Help<BR><BR>Nick<BR><BR><BR>SELECT tblBidMgmtPrimes.Leader, tblBidMgmt.BidManager, tblBidMgmt.NegotiatedDate, tblBidMgmt.GPSID, tblBidMgmt.BidResponseID, tblBidMgmt.BidStatus, tblBidMgmt.SubStatus, tblOPS.Account, tblOPS.Title, tblOPS.RegionLookup, tblOPS.EstOrderAmnt, tblOPS.Probability, tblBidMgmt.RequestedDate, tblOPS.ClearSalesID<BR>FROM tblOPS INNER JOIN (tblBidMgmtPrimes INNER JOIN tblBidMgmt ON tblBidMgmtPrimes.LastFName = tblBidMgmt.BidManager) ON tblOPS.GPSID = tblBidMgmt.GPSID<BR>WHERE (((tblBidMgmtPrimes.Leader)=[Enter RPM 1] Or (tblBidMgmtPrimes.Leader)=[Enter RPM 1] Or (tblBidMgmtPrimes.Leader)=[Enter RPM 2] Or (tblBidMgmtPrimes.Leader)=[Enter RPM 3] Or (tblBidMgmtPrimes.Leader)=[Enter RPM 4]) AND ((tblBidMgmt.BidStatus)=[Enter Status such as Active] Or (tblBidMgmt.BidStatus)=[Enter another status such as Hold]))<BR>ORDER BY tblBidMgmt.BidManager, tblBidMgmt.NegotiatedDate;<BR>

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    Default What??

    You connect to the DB that you are using, through the DSN-less connection or a DSN, create a recordset, execute this query and using the recordset result, show the result.

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    Default RE: What??

    &#060;sigh&#062;<BR><BR>set rs = conn.Execute("exec qryName &#039;Parameter1&#039;,numericParameter,&#039;Para meter2&#039;" etc.<BR><BR>

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