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    I am trying to create a website, where users are able to upload pictures. (no its not pr0n you dirty minded fool) I am thinking of using ASPupload, however, how do I verify that a file upload is what it says it is. I would not want someone uploading an .exe file that has the renamed extension of .gif? Is there a way to check this, maybe in binary form using ADODB.stream? I just need to be pointed in the right direction.

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    Through ASPUpload there is a way to check what the extension of the file is... I can&#039;t remember how (I used it a while ago), but as far as the file upload programs go I would say ASPUpload is one of the better ones...<BR><BR>If this is your first time you may run into problems, and if so be sure to post them on the ASP board... This is the JScript board... No worries though, just for future refrence you might want to keep them seperated...

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