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    It&#039;s been a long time since I&#039;ve messed with this kinda stuff so I hope this isn&#039;t too stupid.<BR><BR>Question: Is there a way to "subtract" a comma separated from another comma separated list? For instance, start with "blue, red, yellow, green, orange" and subtract "yellow, green" to end up with "blue, red, orange." Yes, I can write my own function, but is there something built into the language?<BR><BR>I have a number of very large forms full of check boxes (100+). A user can go through and select as many or as few as he/she likes. I then need to store that in their profile for later use. The tricky part is the information I&#039;ll need to access frequently and quickly is which they DID NOT select. IE if the fields were check1, check2, check3 and user bill had selected check2 only, the only information I would ever care about was that he had NOT selected check1 and check3.<BR><BR>This is not a problem to which an intuitive solution came to mind immediately. Since it is a web form I am receiving the data in, the checked items will be comma separated (i&#039;ll name them all the same and put the field name as the value for each). I was thinking I could have a comma separated list of ALL field names, then "subtract" the comma separated list they checked and be left with only those they didn&#039;t select. I could store that list as a value in their profile.

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    Default Write your own function<eop>


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