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    Sorry for the miscomunication last week. I&#039;ve been working about 14 hours a day (On Salary) and getting nothing but additional stress and management craping all over me...<BR><BR>Not sure how many developers out there have this much stress because every job I had previously was pretty much stress free with a few exceptions from time to time.<BR><BR>*Sighs*... I need to start consulting again..<BR><BR>Sory Bill....<BR><BR>From,<BR><BR>Keith

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    Default You aren't the first... I be offended by my "style". Trust me, I mean *nothing* by all these *emphasized* and OVER-EMPHASIZED words.<BR><BR>I just want to be sure that what *I* see as the important parts of my message are grasped. I talk this way in real life, too. Honest.<BR><BR>

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