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    Firstly, two links:<BR><BR>Choose the Right Cursor for the Right Job<BR><BR><BR>Cursor & LockType Performance Report <BR><BR><BR>In the first article, it is said that Dynamic and Keyset cursors are useless and take up excess resources; while in the second, it clearly shows that in stress-conditions, Dynamic is faster than Static. The only reason I&#039;m asking this and not relying on hard data from the perfromance report is because maybe in non-so stressful conditions, Static IS the right choice for updating data using ADO.<BR><BR>So.....which is true? =<BR>

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    according to my microsoft book of the world...<BR><BR>adOpenStatic<BR>use when you need navigation other than move next ,and do not need to see changes in the data.<BR><BR>adOpenKeyset<BR>use when need to see edits and deletions to data<BR><BR>adOpenDynamic<BR>use when need to see edits, deletions and additions to data<BR><BR>HTH

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