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    Hello to all<BR>Can i connect oracle throungh DSN/ODBC<BR>If yes then please some one tell me what will be the procedure<BR>Any help will be appreciated<BR><BR>

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    I&#039;m not sure if you can connect to an Oracle database throungh DSN/ODBC if someone out there knows how then please come forward but I do know how to connect to an Oracle database using OLEDB which is faster then a DSN-Less connection OR a DSN/ODBC connection. The trick is to use the Provider instead of the Driver.<BR><BR>So your connection string might look something like that:<BR><BR>"Provider=MSDAORA; Data Source=2; User Id=Vlince; Password=me"<BR><BR>The Provider part is different for each and every type of database, the one for Oracle is MSDAORA<BR><BR>

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