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    There has been a lot of discussion about the use and mis-use of session variables.<BR>From what I gathered, it is ok to use them, as long as you use them sparingly.<BR>My concern / question is the following. If users turn off the cookies on their browser, session variables, will not work.<BR>Is this a real concern? Does anybody have an idea about the percentage of users that turn off the cookie option on their browser?

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    really depends on the targeting of your site - your audience may well be rabid privacy fiends, so you could have a high proportion of turn-offs, or they could be relatively unskilled in using the net, and don&#039;t know how, resulting in a low proportion.<BR><BR>generally I think it&#039;s in single-figures of percent - I personally don&#039;t worry about it (mostly because my cookie and session use is minimal)<BR><BR>j<BR>

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