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    Default shipping options more suggestion(s)?

    Earier I posted this question Vince sugested UPS has some tool available to integrate shipping optoins in shopping cart.(thanks Vince) <BR>Yes, they do offer this tool. however I was wondering <BR>that in that case no other carrier can be displayed .. Does anybody have other suggestions?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>

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    Default Frames?

    Put the UPS tool in one frame.<BR><BR>Put the USPS tool in another.<BR><BR>Send the info to each frame, wait for the responses, grab the cheaper and display it to the user?<BR><BR>Or maybe use XMLHTTP or ASPTear and grab the info off the sites but then display just the part you care about? <BR><BR>Or do these violate the licensing terms that UPS gives you? If so, then you could always do it via popup windows. Not as nice, but surely "legal" then.<BR><BR>

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