Hi All,<BR>I have a login script that on validation refreshes the frameset of a page. It works fine on IE and Netscape 4, but does not work properly in Netscape 6. The problem is, since the login is in a frameset I can&#039;t do just a response.redirect because the whole new frameset is then inserted into the little login frame. Is there any way to accomplish this task in Netscape 6? <BR>Here is the script:<BR>&#060;%<BR>Dim user<BR>Dim pwd<BR><BR>user = Request.Form ("Username")<BR>pwd = Request.Form ("Password")<BR><BR>If user="hotel" and pwd="guest" then <BR>url = "http://www.sitename.com/access.html"<BR>response.write("&#060;script&#062; " & vbCrLf)<BR>response.write("parent.top.location.rep lace(&#039;" & url & "&#039;);" & vbCrLf)<BR>response.write("&#060;/script&#062;")<BR>End if<BR>%&#062;<BR>Any help is appreciated!<BR>Thanks!<BR>joko