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    I&#039;m looking for a charting solution. <BR><BR>My Request<BR>----------<BR>The users should be able to click on a chart bar and then should get another asp page which shows the according information. So what I want is a different link on each chart bar (actually I just want to have different parameters in the links - the page would be the same). Hope it&#039;s clear what I mean ;-).<BR><BR>What I have tried so far<BR>------------------------<BR>- Pure HTML Bar Charts (works fine but not possible for more sufisticated things)<BR>- Office Web Components (since I&#039;m not a VB expert I&#039;m not sure if it can be done - see &#039;My Idea&#039;)<BR>- Crystal Reports: nice thing but it&#039;s pretty encapsulated (as far as I could see)<BR><BR>My Idea<BR>-------<BR>Probably it could be done using the Office Web Compoments but as I already wrote I&#039;m not an expert in VB and the OWC documentation is not pretty good. <BR>My idea is to loop through all bars, reading some x-y coordinates and then to create a link map (&#060;map name="Mapname"&#062;&#060;area shape...).<BR><BR>And: the OWC are installed on the server only so it has to be a server side solution (found a solution which runs on the client but can&#039;t use that...)<BR><BR>Crystal Reports<BR>---------------<BR>If it can be done using Crystal Reports please let me know - I couldn&#039;t figure out how...<BR><BR><BR>Any ideas or solutions are highly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>SnyTek

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    Try IntrChart - it has HotSpots with drill-down capabilities.<BR><BR>Also handles databases and has a number of chart types etc.<BR>Examples of the Hotspots etc. are free.<BR>Free evaluation of the component too.<BR>Regards,<BR>Linda

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