(newbie)what do i need to know about ASP security

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Thread: (newbie)what do i need to know about ASP security

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    hi everyone I&#039;m about to upload my ASP pages and database onto a Live web server ... could someone tell me what i need to know/ how do i implement security ( as the database will contain sensitive data).. do i use encyrption to encyrpt the database / ASP pages or are there other methods?<BR><BR>Cheers

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    Some tips:<BR><BR>- Use SQL Server on NT.<BR>- Lockdown NT security following the microsoft guidelines<BR>- use strong passwords for NT and the sa SQL account, <BR>- if you use includes to store connection strings ensure they are .asp extention to hide passwords from users.<BR>- Install all the lastest services packs/hot fixes to SQL/IIS/NT.<BR>- Remove sample web sites/databases etc..<BR>- Run the IISLockD.exe (IIS Lockdown Tool) available from MS.<BR>- do not leave holes in your ASP app, i.e. don&#039;t pass SQL Strings in the querystring/forms.<BR>- Use NT Authentication (not clear text) for user logons on the web.<BR>- Use SSL connections to ensure data cannot be intercepted on the network.<BR><BR><BR>

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