Will classic ASP survive?

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Thread: Will classic ASP survive?

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    Default Will classic ASP survive?

    Will classic ASP survive the introduction of ASP.NET?<BR><BR>1. New sites will often be written in ASP.NET<BR>2. "New" people will learn ASP.NET<BR><BR>BUT <BR><BR>1. Will existing sites be rewritten into ASP.NET? <BR>2. Will "old" ASP developers migrate to ASP.NET?<BR><BR>I&#039;d guess that both will operate in parallel for many years to come, classic ASP at a lower level, but still very strong...

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    only strong because there may not be enough time or resources to upgrade (or need for that matter).<BR>but I do agree that new development should be on the new platform, and classic asp deveplopers should upgrade their skill set with the rest.

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