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    I&#039;m on day 3 of Scott Mitchells&#039; "ASP in 21 days" book and love it, but I need the answers to the end of day exercises which are no longer available at and I can&#039;t see them at the SAMS site either.<BR><BR>I made a similar post at the book forum but thought I might get a quicker response here as this forum is more active. So if anyone knows please let me.<BR><BR>thanks,<BR>henrydt

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    1: You must declare all variables<BR>2: 1 & 7<BR>3: 13<BR>4: (3*5) + (2^2)-6<BR>5: False<BR>6: True<BR>7: Boolean<BR>8: 2.5 & 2<BR><BR>I havent checked the questions but these should be right.

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