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    I open a vb activex dll project and in the class properties there is a property called "Persistable". What exactly does this property mean, and when she i use it and not use it?

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    Setting a class to Persistable allows you to store it&#039;s properties externally. When a class is set to persistable you get 3 new methods - InitProperties, ReadProperties, and WriteProperties. InitProperties will get called when an object is created - the other two are up to you (I think).<BR><BR>You can then store and retrieve data about an object from a db, file, etc.<BR><BR>Here&#039;s a short article that I found helpful:<BR><BR>Note - I have never used it, so I&#039;m not sure about when you should or should not make a class persistable. I can see how it would be handy, but I&#039;m not sure if there are performance implications, etc.<BR><BR>Best of luck,<BR>-CapnCrunchy

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