I know this has been X-posted from ASP but 3 hours with no response =(<BR><BR>everytime I come across this problem I end up having to disect the date and manipulate it to resolve the issue - I&#039;m sick of doing this and want to kick it up the arse once and for all!! <BR>OK.. is an access database and our time/date is dd/mm/yyyy <BR><BR>I insert now() into the db and it stores it as dd/mm/yyyy as it should. I pull up the date and dateadd("h",2,now) and it stores it as dd/mm/yyyy - so far so good. However if I do dateadd("d",2,now) then what should be stored as 3/10/2001 (2 days from now) is stored as 3/10/2001 in other words in mm/dd/yyyy format. WHY!!??? <BR>A response.write of the dateadd("d",2,now) shows as dd/mm/yyyy so it is the way that access is storing the date that is the problem. The regional settings on the server are correct, I have even set the LCID in the global.asa - the field in the DB has been set as date/time and the format as short date (dd/mm/yyyy)