I have recently developed a survey application in ASP. It relies heavily on email notification. I am using CDONTS. However, I am getting the following error when sending mail (sometimes) to folks on our WAN using MS Exchange and I have also gotten this message when sending email to Yahoo email addresses.<BR><BR> 550 relays not accepted.<BR><BR>I have talked to our network administrator. He said this is some kind of server setting to prevent spamming and not everyone has it set. We are a large health care company and I can&#039;t tell each network admin person at our 20+ sites to change this setting. <BR><BR>My network admin guy tells me that this wouldn&#039;t be a problem if I could somehow get at<BR>our MS Exchange server from asp. Do you know of any way to solve this problem? Email notification is critical to my App. <BR>Thank You.