i&#039;ve got a recordset that needs to be saved to the client machine and i know there is a few different ways to do this, i&#039;m looking for the *best* way.<BR><BR>currently, i&#039;m saving the recordset as an excel file on the server and then the client saves it to their machine. the reason i chose to use excel, is b/c i&#039;m using access 2000 on the server and the client is using access 97.<BR><BR>the only way (i&#039;m aware of) getting the data into their db is to save my table as an excel file, open the excel file, copy the data, then open the access 97 table and paste the needed data into it. i&#039;m looking into writing some vba for the client so that this can be automated, but should i even bother with excel or could i just use a csv file instead? <BR><BR>or, is there a much easier way to do this that i&#039;m not even thinking of?!!<BR><BR>yes, i&#039;m new at this so have patience ;-)<BR><BR>justin