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    Do you know of any ways to allow the ASP page not to get the Timeout Expired error? Whenever the SQL statement would need to take more than 50 seconds to run, I would receive the Timeout error message. I have tried using the Server.ScriptTimeout property to set for a number more than 1 hour on the ASP page, but this ScriptTimeout property has no effect at all on the ASP page. I also set this ASP Script time out property in IIS, but this would not help neither. I hope you would share an answer with me if you know how to resolve the Time Out problem.

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    set the timeout in your connectionobject<BR><BR>objConn.CommandTimeOut = [Value in seconds]<BR><BR>You get this error because ADO has to wait to long for an replay from the SQL Server, and not because the ASP-page itselfs takes too long to complete.

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