Hi everyone! <BR><BR>I need your help, friends, yet again. I have a page with a top and bottom frame. On the top frame, there is a listbox, and the bottom frame has textboxes. This is what&#039;s happening: If I have my focus on the textbox and instead of using the mouse to select one of the options, I type the first letter or number of the option to get to that range, ie. if I type "1", it goes to the first one on the list that starts with "1" and everytime you type "1" it moves on to the next in order that begin with "1", the first time it works fine, but when I type a second time, it loses the focus and moves the focus to the bottom frame. What is happening here and how do I stop this?<BR><BR>Here is the code of the listbox:<BR><BR>&#060;select size="1" name="AtmNumber" ONCHANGE="ChangeText();" onClick="Test2();"&#062;<BR><BR>Here is the code for the function ChangeText():<BR><BR>function ChangeText(){<BR> parent.TextBoxes3.document.location.href="frmtextb oxes3.asp?Anumber=" +<BR> document.forms[0].AtmNumber.value;}<BR><BR>Here is the code for the function Test2():<BR><BR>function Test2(){<BR> var doSave2;<BR> if (Check){<BR> doSave2=confirm("Are you sure you want to change ATM without saving? Click OK for Yes.");<BR> if(doSave2){<BR> parent.TextBoxes3.document.location.href="frmtextb oxes3.asp?Anumber="<BR> }<BR> }<BR>}<BR><BR>Just to let you know, I was having this problem before I added the second function, Test2(), to the listbox onClick event. I hope you can help me. Thanks in advance.