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    is it possible to input formatted text into an Access Database. eg carriage returns and hyperlinks. <BR><BR>For example if i wanted to insert this text area into an Access database, would I be able to maintain the paragraphs etc. <BR><BR>hope this makes sense. thanks in advance

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    When you save the text from a text area to Access, the carriage returns ARE retained. They are store as vbCrLf (Carriage return + Linefeed).<BR><BR>The problem lies in trying to display the text on an Html page. Html does not know what to do with vbCrLf, so it effectively ignores it.<BR><BR>The answer to this is to replace all vbCrLfs with Html &#060;&lt;br&#062; tags.<BR><BR>TheMemoText = Replace(rs("TheMemoField",vbCrLf,"&lt;br&#062;")<B R>Response.write TheMemoText<BR><BR>As for Hyperlinks, that is a little more tricky. You could scan through the text and find any http:// in there and then take everything from there up to the next space and turn that into a hyperlink.

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