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    I&#039;m using ASP for a while now.<BR>What I want to know is which is the best database to use with ASP. I&#039;m looking for the best performance and low costst.<BR>Any answers?<BR><BR>Thanx,<BR><BR>JanW

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    The best database would be Oracle or SQL server, but these are real expensive (SQL server costs $5000 per proccesor Oracle even a lot more) So you should see what your needs are. If you have an site with a few visitors a day, Access would be suffiecient I guess. But if you&#039;ve an busy website with heavy database actions you need an more reliable database. (Access can handle around 10-15 concurrent connections)<BR><BR>Also you could look into MySQL ( I have no experience with this DB but I hear some pretty good results.<BR><BR>You could take an subscription with an ISP with an (shared) SQL server, the monthly costs are higher, but you don&#039;t have to buy SQL server yourself.<BR><BR>Summary: 10-15 concurrent users: Access *might* be good enough, otherwise go with SQL server.

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